Hello! This is just a for-fun blog. I also have a YouTube, Twitter, and a DeviantArt account by the same name. So be sure to check those out!

Current Fandoms I am obsessing Over: UTAU (Ritsu Namine), Final Fantasy 7, Dramatical Murder (ANIME), RWBY, Gundam Build Fighters, Doctor Who, Avengers, Free, Kingdom Hearts

If there is anything you want to know, send me a shout out!

I personally want to thank anyone who has done me fanart or art trades of my characters. I want to share with others your artistic ability so here we go.

If you do not see art of yours and you know you’ve done fanart for me, remind me because it’s possible i haven’t seen it….

(One piece shown per artist)

Artists shown:






I-O-Productions (Now HibikiVodkaKaabii)

(Two people I did not mention includes my BF (he wants to do another one he said ^^; and one of my friends because it’s not on her DA ;x; )

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